About Us

Backed by some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, investors, and foundations, our firm has been built to serve the next generation of capital efficient, founder-led European software companies.

The companies we partner with have built world class products without raising significant amounts of external capital. We are the partner for companies with a use for capital, not a need for it.

We typically invest €10m – €30m per opportunity. Our capital is used to de-risk founders, align them with ambitious growth, and fund operating investments for continued expansion.

In addition to capital, we bring strategic operational support from our team and advisors, with deep experience building category-defining SaaS companies founded in Europe and Israel.

We respect the great accomplishment of self-financing a competitive business in a strategic category. We work hard to be the best possible partner for founders who are committed to building a significant company whilst staying true to what has made them successful to date.