David Olsson

David is a Principal at Expedition Growth Capital. David’s responsibilities include investment origination, execution and oversight. David sourced and led Expedition’s investment in Storykit, where he serves as board director. David was also instrumental in Expedition’s investments in Ringover and Pinpoint, where he serves as board director, and Lempire where he serves as board observer.

Prior to Expedition David was part of the investment team at Grafton Capital. David began his career as a business development and strategy analyst at Amazon. He subsequently spent 3 years working on strategy and commercial diligence engagements at Kaiser Associates, prior to joining Grafton Capital.

David is originally from Malmo, Sweden, and now lives in London, England. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics, where he studied Economics and Economic History.

In his spare time, David enjoys football, both playing and (frustratedly) watching Manchester United, tennis, skiing, traveling, as well as trying to push his cooking skills to a slightly less amateurish level.