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What We Do

We are specialist investors for a particular kind of European software company. Companies with world class products, built away from the pressures of venture capital. Companies with rapidly growing, diversified customer bases, built on the strength of their products, not their balance sheet. Companies with a use for capital, not a need.

Our Approach

We respect the great accomplishment of self-financing a competitive business in a large, strategic category. We work hard to be the best possible partner for founders who are committed to building a significant company whilst staying true to what has made them successful to date.

Our Mission

To build trusted, valuable, enjoyable partnerships with some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, investors and foundations.


Partnering with established founders who are choosing their first outside investor

The companies we partner with are charting their course in valuable global markets, and doing so having raised little or no outside capital.

We have first-hand experience of the unique opportunities and challenges, internal and external, that confront these companies. We act as a sounding board and help founders connect their decisions as managers to their objectives as shareholders.

We listen to the companies we invest in, and work hard to help them navigate the landscapes in which they operate- landscapes that are typically complex, dynamic, and valuable in equal measure.


We are a focused, agile organisation that brings world-class training and experience to the companies we work with. We are also backed and supported by some of the world’s leading non-profit foundations, investors and entrepreneurs- a powerful force multiplier for our team and the companies we partner with.


A European partner for globally oriented companies