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Expedition invests in digital experience platform, Kentico, and headless CMS platform,

We’re pleased to announce our investment in Kentico, a digital experience platform, and, a cloud-based headless CMS platform for B2B content management. was founded by Kentico as an internal startup, in response to the increasing demand for headless content management – where a content management system (CMS) is primarily used as a data respository for any number of websites and apps.

Founder Petr Pala explains the reasons for partnering with Expedition, and spinning out from Kentico, in his article Taking Kentico and to the next generation of digital experiences. launched in 2015, and today it’s a popular solution that enables users to quickly create, review, and publish content using a visual interface and pre-built workflows. It integrates with a wide range of other apps and services through a comprehensive set of APIs, and leverages the latest AI techiques to create solutions that can be highly automated and are easy to use.

Our investment will enable to be financed as an independent company, and we see huge potential. “By appealing to both content creators and developers, CEO Bart Omlo and his team are helping global companies to efficiently scale digital experience across an ever-evolving mix of channels. With AI unlocking even more powerful workflow automation for its customers, we’re excited to see the rewards of product leadership in this exciting category,” says Oliver Thomas, founder and managing partner at Expedition Growth Capital. employs over 120 employees across four continents, and its customers include global giants such as Algolia, Anaplan, the University of Oxford, and Zurich Insurance.